Network (18-25 year olds)

Scout Network allows 18 to 25 year-olds who have an interest in both Scouting and their own personal development the opportunity to do so whilst also having fun.


Scout Network members take part in a variety of activities, which they undertake and organise themselves.

Example activities include:

Abseiling, award work, bowling, camping, circus skills, climbing, cooking, games, go-karting, gorge walking, hiking, pioneering, target shooting and water sports.


Young adults aged between 18 and 25 are eligible to register as Scout Network members.

To get more information about the Scout Network, please contact Finlay, our Youth Commissioner.


If you’re moving away from home you can carry on Scouting through the Scout Network (or as an adult volunteer) in the area you are moving to. If you are going to university, for example, you can carry on Scouting local to your university or college.

Another option is SSAGO, the Student Scout and Guide Organisation. SSAGO has branches at many universities and is open to all students at university or higher education college in the UK.